About us

Thank you for stopping by the official website for Judita DaSilva Limited UK and Judita DaSilva Productions Limited Africa.

Judita DaSilva Limited (JDL) is an independent production company based in the United Kingdom with offices in Nigeria. We produce television programs, news, documentaries, music videos and online content for our international clients as well as original projects by our own creative team.

The company is a collective of young and innovative talent with a singular objective to create content of the highest quality with an inspirational ethos. We have a wealth of experience in the entertainment and broadcasting industries and harness all of that at JDL. As a result, we have produced a steady stream of projects that continue to impress clients and audiences alike.

Here you can find out more about our production work in Television, Film and Music as well as up-to-date news on our latest projects. So take a moment to browse through the website. Watch the Videos, look through the photo Galleries, access quick links to JDL’s social media.

If you would like to work with JDL or approach us about any of your projects, feel free to get in touch anytime. All the information you need to do so is listed on the contact page.

For the Judita DaSilva fashion model website please go to www.juditadasilva.com